Cut down on living arrangements

There’s nothing that gives you a better sense of the Algarve region than staying at a guest home. Why bother with a hotel or fancy golf resort when you can engage the culture up close? Many bed and breakfast facilities are run from the homes of local residents and you are sure to find them quite charming. When opting so, make sure you pick a place that is close (preferably within walking distance) from the golf course you will be frequenting. This way, you save on accommodation and travel costs.


Organize a tour through your local golf club

Almost every golf tour package offers discounted rates on large groups. If you are planning a golf tour, take along as many of your golf companions as you can. Selling a luxurious golf tour to your buddies shouldn’t take a lot of effort. Get them to club together and split the costs evenly. This way, you can go on a cheap golf tour to Algarve and enjoy the company of your friends throughout the trip. This doesn’t mean you should leave your family behind. The more the merrier! There is lots more to do in Algarve than just golf, so don’t hesitate to take your spouse and kids with you.


Packing the essentials

Expect the unexpected when going on an Algarve golf tour. Windy weather is common—despite the almost-all-year sunshine the country boasts. Rain is another factor to bear in mind. Don’t forget to pack special clubs you might need for tricky terrain. Also be sure to pack enough balls for the amount of games (and water hazards) you plan to play. If these items are not available for every game, you may be forced to purchase them at the golf course you are playing. This can run into serious costs because these shops know that their items are in high demand to tourists. Be prepared and save on unnecessary costs.

Travel agents – Getting your money’s worth


It goes without saying that if you book your golf tour without a travel agent, you will save big. But if you do decide to use a travel agent, make sure you get what you are paying for.

One way to do this is to have your travel agent present you with different options.

Let them do the shopping around for you. By the time they present you with your options, there should be a number of details to scrutinize:

  • What is included in each package?
  • What is not included in each package?
  • Will golfing benefits form part of each package?
  • Are the rates negotiable?
  • If not, what would make them negotiable?

If you have lots of options, you can easily compare what each one entails and take it from there.

Planning your golf tour ahead of time

Forward planning take s a lot of costs out of your golf tour. Why? Because when you have everything planned out, you can book in advance and know what to expect. This prevents surprise costs and unnecessary frustration later on. Book your golf times, course fees and travel arrangements with your holiday. These aspects should not be done last minute as they will cost you more.

You can plan your golf tour in Algarve with AlgarveGolf.Holiday website - tee times and golf packages in Algarve region.