All You Need To Know About Long Game Pre- Shot Routine

A golf swing is not actually responsible for the actual difference between an average golfer and a tour player. The main difference is caused by the pre- shot routine. A player in a golf tour will never just walk in and begin swinging. He may face his target from the backside of the ball and visualize the shot. Then, after making a few practice swings and his eyes on his target, he will step in.

When you reach the ball from its side, it interferes with the sight of your aim and screw the target. A few golfers are also inclined to place their feet firmly after the practice swings. Then, they aim for hitting the ball. This is also a great reason to begin your pre-shot schedule from behind.

A pre- shot routine is recommended

The psychologists as well as senior golfers strongly recommend having a pre- shot routine and using it effectively every time you take a shot. It is a very effective way of improving your focus on your upcoming shot. For those who do not know, a pre- shot routine is a systematic and consistent procedure performed by a player before he/she hits the golf shot. This may include a sequence of checkpoints, thoughts, details, or movements. This routine may vary from golfer to golfer just like fingerprints, which makes it unique.

Importance of a pre- shot routine

A pre- shot routine is a great habit to eliminate irrelevant thoughts before you hit the golf shot. It grounds the golfer to help them focus selectively on the golf shot. This is because a pre- shot routine makes you focus on relevant exercises with conscious attention and thus eliminates or lowers any additional time you may require to attend to unwanted or extraneous things.

You must have seen the professional golfers going through a certain mannerism before every shot. Even if the shots are similar in nature, the pros do not cease to perform the pre- shot routine.

Constituents of a pre- shot routine

As said earlier, the pre- shot routine is unique for each golfer. However, pre- shot routine can include things like placement of your hands on your golf club, alignment of the body, position of the club on the line of target, shot visualization, number of jiggles, or looks at the target, etc.