4 Drills For Hitting Great Shots Off The Tee

The Ideal Strategy For Your Tee Shot

Making a great tee shot is a feat that thrills most golfers including the professionals. Striking off the tee right in the middle of a fairway is definitely a memorable event that most golfers are proud about. However, mastering the tee shot requires patience, practice and time. The process can be made quicker by using the right strategy. Using a proper tee set also helps. Teeing the ball the right way is one significant factor that tips in your favour. Here are some drills that help you hit stunning shots off the tee. To practice the tee shots, you need golf balls, tees and a driver or any other wood.


Stick the tee in the ground with half of it protruding outside. Place the golf ball on the tee. The tee should be straight without leaning at any angle. Place the driver or the wood you are using near the ball to check the height. The driver face’s top edge should be at the mid-level of the ball. Make sure the tees you use are big enough as the clubs available now are too large.

Drill 2

Keep your feet apart at shoulder width when you address the golf ball. Ensure the balance is proper and your control over the club is solid.

Drill 3

The ball, tee and the inside of your front foot should be in line. This can be modified a little depending on the comfort level of the players and their swing. Extend arms to form a V shape and make the club head rest down on the ground. The distance of the ball from you should be 2 feet. The knees should be bent a little.

Drill 4

Now start your swing. Hold your left arm erect during backswing, downswing and at impact and keep your eyes on the ball until you follow through. Make sure the shoulders are turned fully when you swing.

If you find you are hitting the ground first and not the ball, you are losing some distance. The ball is probably too near your body. Adjust the ball and continue practicing. One way to master the shot off the tee is to get advice from an expert and start on the drills. With practice, you will find your shots improving. One way to speed up your practice is establishing the right basics. Swinging at a power that is about 80% of your maximum level will give you the right accuracy, control, and distance.