5 Simple Tricks That Can Help You Reduce Your Golf Score

One of the most awesome things about learning to play golf is that most beginners share the same mistakes. As a matter of fact, beginner mistakes normally cut across the board. There is not a single day you will come across two different sets of beginners who do things that are very different. The problem with this is that in most cases, beginners share the same perceptions of the game. Most of them spend a lot of time watching the professionals play, in a bid to pick up a trick or two in the process. This might sound like a really good idea for some, but in real sense, it can actually leave you devoid of ideas.

If you want to reduce your golf score, however much you follow the championships and watch the professionals, you will not get this done like that. You need to use a different alternative as we will discuss herein. The following are some effective tips that will go so far in making sure that you can find yourself in a good position to lower your scores:

  • Practice under 120 yard shots
  • Work on the swing
  • Be confident
  • Practice putting on the green
  • Stop hooking the ball

Practice under 120 yard shots

Getting your wedge shots within 120 yards should be something that you aspire to achieve. This is actually the key to perfecting the good golf scores that everyone desires. In the course of your practice sessions, try and make sure that you get this right and spend as much time as you can to perfect it.

Work on the swing

Over the years we have seen a lot of players spend so much time trying to perfect their swing, and instead, they rush it. For this particular shot, you need to slow down the speed of your swing. This is in fact one of the easiest ways of reducing your handicap.

Be confident

You have to be confident once you step on the green. Confidence will be key to hitting those low scores, or you will have a really difficult time altogether.

Practice putting on the green

You need to put a lot of practice on your game if you really are keen on putting as effectively as you desire.

Stop hooking the ball

To get the low scores, try and learn how not to hook the ball. This usually comes down to your grip and stance.