Golf Beginner Tips That Helped Thousands Of Golfers

Many beginners quickly give up the game of golf as they don’t receive the proper guidance in the sport. Make no mistake, golf is a very difficult game and while it seems hard to master, making sure you have a few of the basics right when you start will help you get better quickly. This leads to a greater enjoyment of the sport no doubt.

So what are some of the most important things that you should note as a beginner starting out in the sport? Let’s take a closer look.

Get a grip!

Without a doubt, the way you grip the golf club is essential to your success in the sport. A bad grip will lead to untold problems, mostly in terms of your swing and your connection with the ball. A good grip sets your golf game up properly. Let’s take a look at the two different types of grips.

  • The interlocking grip
  • This is a grip used by many golfers and it remains fairly simple. For right-handers, the small finger of your right hand (at the bottom of the club) is locked between the index and middle finger of your left hand (at the top of the club).

  • Overlapping
  • With the overlapping grip, the fingers do not interlock. The left hand’s middle and index fingers sit together with the small finger of the right hand sitting above them in the gap between them.

Finding a grip that works for you is crucial when starting out. This is not something you should be changing every round that you play. Always remember to keep your grip fairly loose but obviously tight enough to stop the club from flying from your hands when you swing. The aim is to have your wrists hinge easily. This will help the fluidity of your swing.

Make sure the ball is in the right place

Now most beginners will just place the ball down, take their stance and swing. This is not the way to go about it. The ball actually needs to be in different positions depending on which club you are using. This is something you can easily learn from a more experienced golfing partner or by taking a simple golfing lesson on the subject from your resident professional.

The all-important swing

Your swing is a complex set of mechanics. There are some basics that are crucial in setting you up properly, however.

Aim to be as smooth as possible. Trying to smash the ball as far as you can will simply not work. Think of a pendulum and try to keep your swing fluent.

Always aim to be as square as you can to your target with your shoulders pointing directly where you intend to hit the ball. Remember to keep your left and right foot firmly below each corresponding shoulder. Don’t make your stance too wide or too narrow.

As you swing, never let your eye leave the ball. This ensures your head stays down and will greatly increase the chances of you hitting the ball properly.

Remember, golf is not an easy game. If you apply the fundamentals right however, you have every chance of improving at a steady rate.