A Collection of the Best Golf Practice Drills for Women

Curing the slice with the help of these drills will help you a lot

Golf instructions for women cannot be categorized in just a few classes. The drills mentioned in this article are meant for all levels of female golfers, from those who are just learning the basics to those who are looking forward to improve their skills.

  • To cure the slice
  • It is absolutely frustrating to see your golf shots raided of distance and power by having the open face of the club. You need to work on these check points to hit a powerful shot and not slice it:

  • Proper grip on the golf club
  • Your grip on the golf club controls the face of the club at the impact. You need to have a great grip if you wish to hit the ball straight. You can achieve the proper grip, if you are a right- handed player, when you can see the badge on the left- hand glove. Even if you are able to see 2-3 knuckles, you have a good grip. When you turn the hands rightwards, you have lesser chances of slicing. You can even go to the extremes to achieve your desired flight of the ball.

  • You shoulders coil when you backswing
  • While you take a backswing, the left underarm must swing diagonally to your chest connecting lightly. It will let you keep the clubface even to your path and prompt the shoulders to take a turn. If possible, your shoulders must turn back almost 90 degrees. You can also move the right foot to pay off for shortage of flexibility. The rotation of your shoulders will let the golf club come close to the golf ball taking the right path and endorse a straighter flight of the ball.

  • Release
  • It means that you need to allow your club-toe to pass your heel when you swing forward. It allows the face of the club to make even and close afterwards. The right arm must be permitted to level with the left arm. You can overdo this to divert yourself of slice.

    You can practice the tips mentioned above to avoid slicing your shots. You can even overdo some of the tips to get the best of your shots. If your ball begins to hook, it is better that you make adjustments at the right time. A good rotation of the shoulder, a sturdy grip, and releasing the forearms will assist you to strike the golf ball in a better way and cover more distance.