Instructions On How To Make A Really Good Uphill Chip Shot

How to perform a perfect uphill chip shot? There are two ways you can handle such a situation, either you can play low or high. It depends on the circumstances. Two things every golfer has to pay close attention to while attempting a low or high uphill chip shot – the pace of the swing and the stance. These two elements have a profound impact on the flight of the ball.

Hitting a High Uphill Chip Shot

Golfers should remember that every time they play a high chip from an upslope the ball tends to fly higher in the air because of the loft that the uphill slope adds to the golf stick. This is an important fact to be taken into account when playing an uphill chip. To make the ball reach the height that you want, slightly adjust your shot. Take a normal stance, but adjust your body posture to compensate for the slope. Lean your body so that the ground and your shoulders are parallel to each other. Furthermore, from the current position to get the ball flying in the air hit slightly harder than you normally do.

At the time of the address, your hands must be forward and the ball back. The same must be maintained even during the impact. When you’re leaning back, your trailing foot bears the weight of the body more than the leading foot. This will affect your balance, so try to keep the weight forward and maintain this position till the ball is struck.

Hitting a Low Uphill Chip Shot

The method to hit a low uphill chip is different to what’s stated above. When you hit a low chip the ball will fly low and roll on the ground longer. To play the low chip here is what you need to do: (i) Use sand or pitching wedge or any club with a high loft; (ii) Take a normal chip shot stance and get ready to address the ball. Slightly lean towards the slope (i.e.) you must slightly flex the knees to bend forward; (iii) Similar to the above-mentioned method keep the hands ahead of the ball; (iv) The clubface must be de-lofted; and (v) There are no adjustments to be made to the swing. Play the normal chip shot. After the impact with the ball the club will hit the ground, but that okay.

If you follow all the points mentioned above the ball will fly low and roll towards the target with minimal backspin.