Chipping Ball Position - 3 Golf Tips For Beginners

Players who can develop a good short game have every chance of getting their handicaps down. Putting is just part of the short game. Every time you miss the green in regulation your chances of getting a par can be dependent upon your being able to chip close enough to the pin to sink the putt and escape with par. It follows that you should invest a great deal of time in practising the various shots that you might face from within a 100 yards of the green. All require touch and good judgment though there are differences depending on whether there are potential hazards, winds with or against you and how the course is running that day.

Professional invest enormous time in their short game; they do miss the green and must be confident that they can make up for their error. Ordinary golfers face a bigger challenge.

Ball Position

You must ensure your ball is central so that you can be certain you can strike the ball with a downward motion so that you do not ‘thin’ it far further than you intend. This is the standard shot.

There are times when you might want the ball slightly further back in your stance as long as you practise it and understand when it can be preferable. That will de-loft your club and mean the flight will be lower. If you are hitting into the wind and there is no hazard between you and the green this may be a wise choice as long as the ball will run well. You may be able to create more spin in this way.

If you have the ball too far forward you may hit it on the upswing and once again ‘thin’ it.


The reasons why you might want to keep the ball low have already been mentioned. There are plenty of other scenarios however where you have to make choices about flight:

  • Select a point ahead where you want to land the ball. In making your decision you must judge how far the ball will run on landing.
  • If your preference is to carry the ball all the way to the pin you have to have the skill to spin the ball.
  • Where you have no choice because of hazards between yourself and the green you must think about using the flop shot.

It is essential to invest time in the various forms of chipping; do it and your scores will come down.