Five Little-Known Facts About Algarve Breaks For Golfers

The Algarve isn’t just an ordinary holiday destination. It’s one of the most famous holiday destinations. The region is immensely popular because of the famous beaches, award-winning golf courses, and the promise of sunshine all year round. Holidaymakers, especially the golf enthusiasts, need no push from our side to visit this fabulous golf destination. But, for those who are not aware of the wonderful secrets of this region, here are five little-known facts about Algarve.

  1. It’s no secret that golf enthusiasts prefer to play the game under ideal weather conditions. For golf, the ideal condition is bright sunshine, gentle breeze, and warm weather. The Algarve region promises all three and it’s not for just for a short duration. The weather is ideal for golf throughout the year. Even in winter the mornings are a little chilly and the days are short, but golfers get plenty of sunshine to comfortably complete a round or two of golf.

  2. The Faro International Airport is the gateway to Algarve. Holidaymakers traveling to Algarve from any part of Europe can reach the Faro Airport in less than 3 to 4 hours. Also, the Algarve region itself isn’t that big. From the Faro Airport to the far edges of the region, it would take tourists less than two hours to travel by car. The Faro Airport is busy throughout the year. The airport witnesses multiple arrivals and departures every day and it’s busy all year round.

  3. The accommodation options in Algarve cater to the needs of all travelers. Family travelers, solo golf enthusiasts, couples on their honeymoon cum golf vacation, senior golf groups, and mixed groups – all will find a suitable accommodation in Algarve. B&Bs, budget hotels, luxury hotels, golf resorts, rental villas, and holiday apartments – the options are endless in Algarve.

  4. One of the fascinating things about this region is that golf holidaymakers can enjoy the trip on any budget. Looking for a luxury golf trip? There are five-star hotels, resorts, premium golf courses, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that will make you feel like a king. Golf tourists looking for options that offer the best value for money won’t have a hard time finding the right accommodation, golf course package, and restaurants. Regardless of your budget, you can have an unforgettable golf holiday in Algarve.

  5. Finally, a fascinating fact about the Algarve region is that it’s home to some of the finest golf courses in the world. Whoever you may be – beginner, amateur, or professional. There are golf courses that can be enjoyed by everyone.