Full Swing Golf Drills For Players Who Want To Perfect Their Skills

A good golf swing is more than just confidence, skill and the ability to concentrate. It is a unique skill that helps control the ball in various ways. The ability to play with a strong full swing can give players an advantage on the course. It not only helps in getting the ball closer to the target, but during conditions such as wind, it tests player ability to maintain control as they make the shot. There are a few elements to work on to help improve long swing and a few golf drills can be just the methods necessary to help you seek results. Here are a few ideas for full swing golf drills to improve your skills.

  • Make practice hits with a ball and your feet close together. You will notice how your arms move with your club and how they should help the clubhead stay on the target line upon hitting the ball.
  • Practice swinging with variations in grip pressure with no tension in the body. Grip pressure alone is something many players struggle with, but it can be the main problem with your swing. This drill will help you understand the best grip to have and practice getting comfortable with it.
  • Full swings can include swinging through the shot. This is simply helping you to practice the element of swinging through.
  • Practice swings at variations from small to full. Work to make solid contact with the ball each time.
  • Hit the ball at different distances. Start further out and work toward normal distances. On the green start at 100 yards and increase by 25 yards each time.
  • Improve positioning of your follow through to work on keeping clubhead in line with target line.

Additional Insight

There are a few elements in particular about full swing motion that should be reviewed in more detail. There may be an element such as how you go into your backswing that could affect end results of your full swing. Speed doesn’t always have to do with how your arms move, but how you use the rest of your body to make the shot. Your hands and arms help control the iron as you make your swing, but positioning of your feet, shoulders, spine and your head also play a role in making solid contact with good distance. You won’t see any improvement unless you practice.