How To Achieve Good Contact When Hitting Shots With Your Wedges

Anyone with any ambition to play golf at a high level, even still at amateur level, must have a good short game, one that can rescue them from an iron that misses the green or a wayward drive into the rough where the green on a par 4 is then unreachable. The third, often a wedge, must get close enough to the pin to provide the chance of saving par with a single putt.

Consistent wedge play is a must and there are elements, all of which are important, that can help golfers to improve and consistently score well.


Everything starts in the set-up and this applies to all clubs. When it comes to the short irons, of which the wedge is one, it is essential that the knees are slightly bent before taking the club back. The length of the back swing will depend upon the circumstances though rarely will it need to be a full swing. The stance should be slightly open incidentally.

Keep it Simple

Power is low priority most of the time. You can actually be fairly flat-footed and let the loft do the work. In recent years it is common for golfers to carry a wedge that is 60 degrees and can help immediate elevation and a soft landing.

Open Face

You want to be able to keep your rhythm and standing slightly open allows your get through the ball while concentrating on direction at the same time. Just smoothly release the club and see the results. Practice makes perfect and your efforts will be worthwhile. Get yourself a bucket of practice balls regularly; professionals will be hitting far more than that every day to guarantee they can handle wedge shots under the pressure of competition.


Let everything move naturally and don’t allow your arms to get out of sync with your swing.


You should have the ball in the middle of your stance. You will be hitting down on the ball and the knuckles of your left hand should be facing the ground, not upwards (Right hand if you are left handed.)

Good scoring depends upon being able to play with every club in the bag. The wedge is one of the most important ones because it is the one that can rescue the score time and again. They save par and provide opportunity to get close to the pin for birdie as well. Any time spent practicing with a wedge will never be wasted.