How to Have a Good Stance for a Bunker Shot

A good bunker shot is just a drill away

A bunker is a type of hazard in a golf course in the form of a depression or a hole in the ground. It is usually filled with sand. A bunker shot is the most dreaded shot in golf. However, it is not very difficult to hit a bunker shot. You just need to be careful about a few things to perfect these shots. Stance is one of the crucial factors which determine your score. Just a few weeks of practice with the open stance and open clubface will make you a good bunker player.

Take the following drill to practice the appropriate stance for a bunker shot.

  1. Firstly, you need to determine how much far left of the target you should aim so as to compensate for the open clubface. Clubface and stance-these two things should be your top priority for hitting a bunker shot. Thus, you have to open the right amount of stance.
  2. Take normal grip on the club and put it in front. The grooves on it should be pointed up and down straight. Now loosen the hands slightly and let the club rotate at 45 degrees angle. Grip it firmly again.
  3. Set up your position and aim the club with open face at the target. Widen your feet equal to your shoulder width and square to the line of target. Now, your feet are parallel to the target and the line created by the ball. The position of the ball should be succeeding the left instep.
  4. Now, with a square stance and an open clubface, take a backswing and hit a few shots. The ball should reach the right side of the flagstick. Hitting a few more practice shots will give you an accurate idea about the how much open stance you should take.
  5. Now, go the flag and notice the distances at which your balls have reached to the right of the flag. Measure each distance.
  6. Calculate the average from the last step.
  7. Again, prepare to hit the ball. Open your stance in a way to position your hips, feet and shoulders at the same measure of distance at the left of the target. By doing this, you can achieve the appropriate balance between an open clubface and an open stance. Now, you can perfectly fly your ball to the target and hit good bunker shots from the sand.