Golf Putting Fundamentals: How To Have Good Contact With The Ball

When you use a golf club that is called a putter, to swing at the ball on a golf course, it is called putting. Putters can include drivers, fairway woods and irons and you can even use a pitching wedge to make the ball travel further and to make a hole-in-one.


There are some basic steps that can help you make a perfect putting stroke, that are as follows:

  • Know your grip
  • The first thing you should do is to get a firm grip on your club and make sure that your palms are facing one another.Put your left hand near the top of the club’s handle and make sure the back of your left hand and your right palm should face the ball. If you keep practicing this grip, you will be able to make more contact with the ball.

  • Get the Right Angle Of Contact
  • Place the golf ball between your feet and keep your forearms parallel to each other. To ensure a good swing, the sweetspot of your club must meet the equator of the golf ball. The sweetspot of a putter is ata height of half an inch while the equator of a golf ball is at a height of around 0.84 inches.

    So to keep the sweetspot in line with the equator, you should put the golf ball forward of center. This will create the perfect angle of contact with the ball.

  • Let your shoulder control the stroke
  • After you get the right angle of contact, you must let your shoulders control the shot. Keep your shoulders parallel to your target line and once the putter is put in backswing the left shoulder will go down and the right one will go up. This will accelerate your swing and move the ball forward at a high speed and it will go far.


When putting the ball, you should always visualize an imaginary line to the hole. Keep you lower body still and try to swing as far back as possible as they will determine where and how far your ball will go. And the main thing to remember is practice, practice and practice! There is no stroke that you can learn in just one go. You have to keep practicing every stroke in order to perfect it and become apro at golf.