How To Develop Basic Skills Of Golf Pitching Distance Control

Distance control is something that a lot of players struggle with from time to time. It is very common to come across a player that is really working hard on their game to get the distance right, but in the long run they still fall short of expectations. This is something that you will see almost every other day when you go to the course. People struggle with different things, and the only important factor that you must take into consideration is the need for you to pay attention to detail, and work on your weaknesses.

For most players, it is very easy to work around their weaknesses. The main reason for this lies in the fact that they do know for sure that they are struggling with pitching distance control. For the other players however, it becomes a challenge because most of them do not even know they are making a mistake. This is difficult for them, because when you cannot understand the fact that you are making a mistake, everything else will be futile. The following are some ideas that will help you improve your control over the pitching distance whenever you are playing:

  • Choose the right club
  • Learn the 9:00 position
  • Train with different targets

Choose the right club

Most of the people who struggle with pitching distance control do this because they never know how to select the correct club. To be precise, pitch shots are supposed to be taken with a lofted club. Once you have this, you already are halfway to your desired result.

Learn the 9:00 position

If you are serious about your golfing, you probably know about the 9:00 position by now. In this position, you will have your body rotating and moving the club into a position where you have your wrists hinged completely, and the left arm stays parallel to the ground.

In fact, this is a simple drill that will make things really easy for you not just while pitching, but even as you learn to make other shots.

Train with different targets

Distance control is not something that will come to you overnight. You have to train properly and you will get it right. With that in mind, make sure you train with a number of targets that can help you learn how to strike the ball towards a given target.