Establishing An Efficient Short Game Pre-Shot Routine

Almost all coaches believe in following a pre-shot routine. Though not all routines are the same, the right pre-shot drill can in actual fact maximums the effectiveness of a player’s shot, especially the short game strokes. For one, it’ll enormously improve the mental focus during the shot. Furthermore, by following a series of steps the player gets mentally prepared, dispels all the negative thoughts, and gain confidence to play the shot.

Try these pre-shot routine endorsed by most coaches to make your short game accurate and efficient.

  1. The success and accuracy of a short game stroke depends on where the ball sits. When it’s on a level grass surface, offering easy access to the club for a clean contact, a level shot is enough. However, if you find the ball on a ground with lush or no grass at all, then the usual ball placement won’t do. Such situations demand you place the ball back of center. So, before attempting the shot always check the lie.
  2. Mentally play the shot before you actually hit the ball. Visualizing the shot will reduce the chances of a mishit. See in your mind’s eye where the ball will land and how much further it’ll roll on the ground. Most coaches prefer less time in the air and more on the ground. Certain top pros feel that the ball doesn’t have to land on the putting surface, before it rolls out.
  3. Develop your feel for each club. To become a genius of shot game strokes, its quintessential you improve your feel. You can do this by learning where the ball lands and how far it rolls with various clubs and several distances. For example: start with your 6-iron and from 120 yards hit the ball to the target. Next, reduce the distance by 10 yards and with the same club practice the stroke again. By experimenting with both clubs and distance you can improve your feel.
  4. Poor alignment can skew you swing and ruin the shot. Even top professional golfers often fall prey to poor alignment. To improve your chances of success while playing a shot game shot, add something to your routine that’ll help you align the ball to the target. There are many things that you can do, but the trick that coaches predict will yield the best result is the one where you select an intermediate target, preferably a mark 7 inches in front of the ball, and align the clubface to the target.
  5. Before you play the actual shot, take two steps back and rehearse the short game shot at least a couple of times. Rehearsal swings will free your arms, help you visualize the shot, and assist you in adopting the correct address position.
  6. Finally, it’s time to clear the mind of all negative thoughts, because any doubt will strain your muscles, make you rigid, and affect the normal flow of the swing. You can remove all negative emotions and focus by taking deep breaths – inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Do this several times before you attempt the short game shot.