How To Have A Better Swing Tempo: 5 Simple Secrets

The whole sport of golf is driven by mechanics of various kinds. There are the mechanics of drive, swing, and even ball flight. Every aspect of the game can be analyzed and dissected, and a theory on how it works can be formulated. Out of the many concepts in golf, the one that’s most elusive, but very crucial to get the swing right is the tempo.

What is tempo?

To state in a jargon free language, tempo means the pace at which a player swings the club back and through. Though tempo differs from person to person, the mechanics remain the same. It may be a personal thing, but an even tempo, that stays consistent, swing after swing is critical to achieve a low score. These simple secrets will help better your swing tempo:

Secret 1

There is nothing called natural tempo or rhythm, like everything else, it has to be learnt. The first step towards that process is to stay relaxed and getting into the right frame of mind. Shut out all distractions and calm down when addressing the ball. It’s said an unsettled mind leads to hurried and inconsistent swing. Be conscious and focus on every move you make, be it, assuming a proper stance, placing the ball, positioning the club at the back of the ball, etc. Move a couple of steps back from the normal position, calm down, and take a few practice swings.

Secret 2

If you’re too tensed, it shows on your grip. To improve the grip, adopt the technique recommended by Jack Nicklaus. Start by holding the club faintly, and before the backswing harden the grip a little. Only apply enough pressure so as not to lose the hold on the club. Gripping it too tight can cause a jerky motion that’ll affect the tempo.

Secret 3

A poor takeaway can result in an inconsistent tempo and slicing of the ball. Work on the backswing, relax and practice slow and smooth takeaways at the driving range and before every stroke you play. Try this: To discover your tempo, experiment with your takeaway at the driving range. Start by adopting a slow backswing, slower than your normal speed, and notice the tempo and the result it produces. Vary the speed of the takeaway and observe the way varying speed impacts the tempo.

Secret 4

A rushed, arrhythmic tempo manifests in many ways, one of them is incomplete backswing. When you don’t complete the swing (i.e.) taking the club fully back, the downswing will lose momentum and accuracy. Ask your golf buddy to see if you complete your backswing.

Secret 5

When swinging down the club, don’t pull down with all your might. The downswing must have the same tempo as your backswing, neither slower nor faster.