Extraordinary Golf Techniques That Give You Advantages

Going to a golf driving range is a bit of fun, even for people who have never played the game before. You can see the ones who haven’t; they open their shoulders, swing as hard as they can. They generally either ‘top’ the ball or it heads off at least 45 degrees from the target. They might enjoy it but they have not grasped the first essential of the game; keep the ball in play. Those ’45 degree’ shots would have been hit in deep rough or more likely completely lost if they had been on a golf course.

There are some basic principles to remember if you are playing golf, and this applies especially if you are relatively new to the game:

  • Remember that timing and tempo is critical and that sheer strength does not guarantee greater distance.

  • Keep the ball in play off the tee and do not take unnecessary risks if there are hazards ahead.

  • Develop a routine that suits you. You need to keep pace on the course with your fellow players and the match ahead but that should not mean you have to rush. If you seem to be ‘slow’ around the ball then walk quicker between shots to make up for that.

Obviously you need to get the ball in play off the tee but once you master that, even if you do not hit the ball as far as your friends you can make that up with good course management and a little time on the practice ground and green. If you can minimise risks you can then look to improve your scoring by concentrating on your short game.

Perhaps your partners are 50 yards ahead of you off the tee but then their shots into the green hit bunkers. If you play short but stay out of trouble then if you have practised your chipping you can still be on the green in three. If like many amateur mid-handicap golfers your friends struggle in bunkers you have at least matched them on the hole.

It is better still if you have spent time developing your putting. That is where a good routine and putting stroke is important. No one has any great natural advantage on a putting green. It’s not about strength and fitness after all. Your handicap is likely to reflect how good your game is from 50 yards away from the tee. Your long hitting friends will be envious if you develop your game on that principle.