Golf Club Buying Tips From An Experienced Golfer

Experienced golfers are often asked advice and tips on buying golf clubs. The queries range from the best place to buy, the cost factor, and how well will the clubs fit. Answers to these and many more questions that lurk in the minds of golf enthusiasts will be discussed in this article.

Decide the budget

Let’s take up the budget or the cost factor first. Golf clubs don’t come cheap. The cost of individual golf clubs ranges from a few hundred bucks to more than a thousand bucks. Your budget and requirement are the two key factors to consider while scouting for clubs. Players can buy individual or the whole set, not so well known or established brands, and new or used clubs.

Seeking expert opinion

Professionals, experts, and instructors are there to help you with advice on the length and shaft of the club. While examining the shaft, it’s the flexibility or flex of the shaft that needs to be considered. Golf clubs that have less flex (i.e.) those that are stiff are ideal for powerful and fast swings. On the other hand, increased flex make the ball fly high. Golf clubs are available in different types of flexes: extra stiff flex for men, stiff flex for men, regular flex for men, senior flex, ladies flex, and junior flex.

Be an informed buyer

You can’t just walk into a golf shop and start looking for golf clubs. Some amount of preparation from your side is a must. Be an informed customer and do research on the various brands that are currently available in the market.

Call the custom fitters

Each and every professional would agree with us on this issue. You need to avail the services of a custom fitter to analyze your golf game and make recommendations. Do not consider custom fitting as additional work and cost; golf clubs that have been bought after must deliberation will last longer than those standard, off-the-rack clubs.

The best place to buy golf clubs

Golf enthusiasts can buy golf clubs from three different sources: internet/online (fast becoming the first choice of golfers), the club fitter, and the golf pro shop (still the best place to buy golf clubs). Take your time to decide the best place to purchase clubs. Remember, it is best you handle the golf club, examine it, and then purchase the product. Some players window shop for the ideal club(s) and then buy the product from an online golf shop.