An Overview Of The Best 9-Hole Golf Courses In Portugal

9-hole golf courses are quite popular among amateurs and beginners. They allow you to really focus on the game without being overwhelmed by too much. Portugal is packed with golf courses, many of which are 9-hole courses. Here’s a quick overview on the five best ones.

  1. The Olives golf course
  2. The Oliveiras golf course which forms part of Pinheiros Altos is one of the most scenic 9-hole courses in Portugal. There is plenty of water on this course so watch your aim carefully. You may also want to watch out for the eighth hole which is notorious for tripping up many veterans.

  3. Colina Verde
  4. Here’s a course that not only has nine holes, but it’s also nice and small for those players who want to test the waters. It goes without saying that these holes require some decent short play skills. Therefore, brush up on your chipping, putting and pitching shots for a good game. Also beware of bunkers. There isn’t that much room for error.

  5. Balaia course
  6. On Balaia, you may be tempted to show off how far you can hit the ball. But this course is all about distance control so make sure you control yourself. All holes on this course are par-3 so make sure you practice your short play. There are also lots of obstacles that will test your aim so work on your pitching as best you can.

  7. The Pine Cliffs golf course
  8. Here you have a golf course that’s full of tall trees and annoying bunkers. As a beginner, you might struggle the first time you play Pine Cliffs. As an amateur who has learnt to control height and distance, you are sure to fare a lot better. Be careful of the 6th hole which requires you to bridge your shot over two cliffs. It’s not as easy as some have made it look.

  9. Vale de Milho course
  10. You’ll enjoy one of the best sceneries in Portugal when playing the Vale de Milho golf course. Despite the many trees that make up the layout, it’s actually quite a pleasant golf course in terms of navigation. Again, aim and control will ensure a low score. Watch out for unforgiving water hazards and don’t forget to try out the restaurant available on the premises.