7 Things To Know About Oceanico O´Connor Jnr. Golf Course

The Oceanico O’Connor Jnr. Golf Course is one of the seven courses in the area. This is among the best courses any golf enthusiast can expect to find in Europe. Before trying your golf skills on this course it would be prudent to know more about the course and the facilities that you can expect to find. Let’s talk about the 7 things you need to know about the Oceanico O’Connor Jnr. Golf Course.

  1. This impressive looking golf course was designed by Christy O’Connor Jnr in a scenic valley on top of fertile landscape. The architect has used the natural landscape of lakes and trees to create a challenging course that’ll test the skill of even the best golf professionals in the world.
  2. The outward appearance of the course – the elevated tees, long fairways, and lush greens may deceive you into thinking it’s like any other course, but there are subtle variations that challenges the golfer to exhibit his/her best game.
  3. Players must be focused and bring out their ‘A’ game while playing the seventh, eighth, and ninth hole which are all par-4s. These are holes with many sand traps and lakes running along the fairways. The third and seventeenth are smaller, but equally challenging par-3 holes.
  4. By the time golfers reach the fourteenth and fifteenth holes, on most courses, they would feel they’ve studied the grass and conditions well, but that’s difficult in Oceanico O´Connor Jnr. These two holes with large greens are among the toughest in this course. The final – eighteenth hole is a scenic beauty. The sight of the river on the right side and elevated greens would mesmerize any golfer.
  5. At Oceanico O´Connor Jnr golfers would want to spend more time in the clubhouse than on the grass. The clubhouse is magnificent. Players can find golf equipments and gears of top brands at the pro shop. The clubhouse has an excellent restaurant, café, and a bar where players can relax and have a friendly conversation with fellow guests. The clubhouse also has modern changing rooms.
  6. The Oceanico Golf has separate areas to practice long and short game, a large driving range, well maintained putting green area, and nine-hole (par-3) floodlit academy course. Golfers can spend hours honing their skills before facing the challenge of the Oceanico O’Connor Jnr. Golf Course.
  7. Want to learn from the best golf coaches? The Amendoeira Golf Academy conducts programs to train golfers of all ages and experience levels. Keeping the best interests of trainees in mind each golf teacher here is allotted only five students, so that the teacher pays individual attention to the progress of each student.