A Comprehensive Review Of The San Lorenzo Golf Course

There are a number of courses in Algarve that promise to leave you wishing you never left. If you are a visitor to the country, some of these courses will have you coming back every other year, or at least every other time you need to have a golf break. Portugal, and in particular Algarve, is home to some of the best courses in the world. So many of these courses are championship status courses, so whenever you come here and you are planning on having a good time, you can rest assured that it will well be worth your while.

One of the most amazing courses that you can get to tee off on is the San Lorenzo golf course. Even the name sounds classy. San Lorenzo golf course is one of the best courses you will come across in the region today. It is quite the spectacle, an eye catcher. A few rounds of golf on the San Lorenzo golf course will leave you wishing you never had to leave.

But what is it that makes San Lorenzo golf course one of the standout courses in Algarve? What makes it quite the allure that has seen people come from all walks of life just to enjoy some golf here? The following are reasons why:

  • Renowned fame
  • Easy access to facilities
  • Special offers

Renowned fame

This is indeed one of the most famous courses in the region, and there is no doubting that. It gets its fame from the architect who designed it, and this is one of the most common reasons why some courses are more popular than others. This is of course something that advanced level players will understand, particularly because of the challenges that are normally designed into some of these courses.

Easy access to facilities

One of the most important things about a course is the ease of access. There are so many amazing facilities around that will make it easier for you to get the most out of San Lorenzo. If you are living in hotels like Dona Filipa or Formosa, San Lorenzo is just a few minutes away.

Special offers

Like most of the other top tier golf courses, San Lorenzo does also offer amazing discounts on the green. You can come in and schedule a game earlier, to make sure that you are able to have the best experience on this course so far.