Six Things Each Golf Player Should Know About Position Of The Hands

During the set up, the position of your hands is crucial in determining the excellence of hitting the ball. Some important checkpoints are there in golf that you must include in your setup such as the position of your hands on the golf club. Although it sounds simple, it can bring significant improvement in your game.

  • In order to make sure that your setup is similar to the position of impact, you can point the butt tip of your club at the left or front hip. If you hold the club too far, it may encourage scooping and may make you hit the golf ball thin or fat.

  • Your hands should be hanging between the feet almost at the level of your toes in front of your trouser’s zipper. The hands move in the direction of target when you move your hips and tilt the spine. When you let go the golf club using the right hand and allow it to hang freely close to the club, it should not move away or towards the body.

  • During the address, the left arm must be straight. However, it should not be stiff or rigid, but naturally straight to have a relaxed position. The right arm must be bent very slightly. The right elbow should be slightly lower than the left elbow since your spine is tilt. However, they should ne parallel to the line of target.

  • You can rotate the right arm externally and rotate the left arm internally as it hangs and moves around the chest to let you take the grip.

  • The distance of your body from the ball depends on the position of your hands. The ideal distance from the ball can be ascertained by the angle of your spine and the length of your selected golf club. The angle of your spine will modify slightly based on the length of your golf club. The spine should be upright if your club is longer.

  • After you have addressed the golf ball, you must not adjust the position of your body to hit the ball. Do not move he hands backwards or forwards, or adjust the balance or angle of your spine to adjust the golf club’s position. If you think that you are too far or too close from the ball, you can stand up, alter your feet’s position, and take the position of address again.