Everything You Need To Know About Tackling A Downhill Lie

The downhill lie can be one of the most challenging slopes that any golfer faces and sometimes even experienced golfers fumble on this slope. When your right foot is more elevated to your left foot and the slope tilts downwards, it is called a downward lie. This can be a tough slope to play on as you have to get the ball some air on the downward slope. There are a few things you need to know about tackling such as slope that is listed below. If you follow these regularly, you will be able to handle this slope with ease.

  • Position your shoulders
  • You must make sure that your shoulders lie parallel to the downward lie or else you will end up tilting your body and thus you will hit more behind the golf ball and it will not be sharp enough.

  • The Right Club
  • Ideally you should use a club with more loft to get the ball up into the air. If you use an 8 iron, you should use a club with one extra loft so that you can control the shot better. Also try and put your hands down towards the shaft more so as to get a firm grip.

  • Use Gravity
  • When you swing the club from up to down, you can utilize gravity’s pull to hit the ball with more force.

  • A wide stance
  • Keep your feet wide so that you can balance your body more and hit more impactful shots.

  • Play behind the ball
  • You should aim a few inches behind the golf ball than you would normally play it so that you can get more elevation and distance.

  • Aim to the left
  • Since our arms are extended towards the downward slope, when you hit the golf ball your shot tends to go to the right. To avoid this aim slightly to the left so that you can hit the target line.

  • Keep your balance
  • The main thing about such shots is maintaining your balance so you should keep both your feet firmly on the ground.

The downward slope may be a little difficult to tackle but if you follow the above tips and practice regularly you will be able to tackle it. Just try handling different shots on downwards slopes and use different kinds of clubs and stances until you find one that you are most comfortable with.