The Most Effective Method To Cure The Hook

A hook is a common problem which every golfer has to face at some stage of their playing career. The problem is more common among players with a tight grip. In this article, we’ll discuss how to cure the hook.

What’s a hook?

After you play a golf stroke, if the ball flies to the left of the target or, in case of left-handed players, right of the target. It’s said, you’ve hooked the golf ball. This usually happens if the club head closes at the point of impact.

How to cure a golf hook?

Since most experts blame improper grip for the hook, we’ll begin with the grip. Examine the hold on the golf club. If two knuckles are visible, the grip is right. But, if you can see three knuckles then it means the grip is too tight. Having a tight grip will turn the club head towards you at impact. This creates a counter to clockwise spin. When this happens the ball will begin straight, but will turn to the left as it flies near the target. The solution to the problem is simple. Turn and loosen the grip till only two knuckles are visible. With the new lighter grip you won’t impart any counter spin on the ball.

Sometimes loosening the grip might prove counterproductive. If you’re still facing problems with the stroke, it might be because you’re not applying enough pressure on the club grip. Gripping the club too lightly can also cause a golf hook. To rectify the problem apply adequate pressure to prevent slipping of the club during the swing. Furthermore, don’t tighten your forearms and wrists.

When the grip isn’t the problem, you should then focus on the address position. All the key elements of the setup – the knees, shoulders, hips, and feet, must be properly alighted and pointed in the direction of the target.

One element of a swing can have a drastic effect on the other. In this case, any footwork error, especially, wrong movement of your left foot, can affect the club face. See to that, while playing a backswing, only the toes of the left foot are touching the ground. Also, during the swing, your body weight must be on the right foot.

One of the best drills to cure a hook is to have a slow and exaggerated backswing. And while bringing the club down allow the legs and hips to lead the swing.