Advice On Booking A Golf Package In Portugal For The First Time

Soulmate syndrome

Golf packages in Portugal are like dating options for women - it's not difficult to find one but it sure is tough to find a good one. If this is your first time then you will make the same mistakes that all first timers make and it's all part of the learning curve. Articles like this will save you time and money by leveraging the experiences and knowledge of other who have been visiting Portugal for years to play golf. Based on years of booking golf holiday packages, here are the steps we suggest you follow to get it right the first time:

Get the golf right first

Start from the epicenter of the holiday and work outwards, meaning you focus on the golf. This simply means: Decide first if you want to play just one course over and over or if you want variety from playing a different course every day.

Once you have decided on your golfing base, narrow down your choices to a few courses. You can look at reviews on golf travel websites to see what other golfers thought of the experience. Take a look at the scorecard to see if you think the course will suit your game and find out what facilities the club offers. And of course, consider the cost of the green fees and any additional costs such as hiring clubs and a buggy.

Home is where the heart is

Once you have your course choices settled then you need to find your accommodation. How much you pay and what type of accommodation you go for really depends on how much free time you will have - some people will only be playing golf during their holiday and only need somewhere with a bed, a breakfast service and a nice shower for freshening up after sweating on the course all day.

If however, you prefer quality rather than quantity in your golf then you will want a place to enjoy more extra curricular activities such as swimming, tennis, health spa etc. Again, take a look at what the hotel offers and you will certainly save money on your accommodation by staying at a basic hotel. But you will spend more on the green fees and more on travel because the five star hotels will usually be closer to the course and you will have to pay for taxis and shuttle buses if you are far from your chosen golf course.