Must-Play Golf Courses In Western Algarve And How To Handle Them

Even the elite players of golf consider the Western Algarve the best golf region in Europe. The weather – the sunny, warm days with mild, gentle breeze, lasts for over 300 days of a year. This means, golf enthusiasts from different corners of the globe can enjoy the Gentleman’s Game for several more months than other regions of Europe. The courses here are designed by well known architects on landscapes brimming with natural beauty. Below listed are three of the top, must-play courses in the Western Algarve. There are challenging even for the pros of the game, so we’ve offered a few pointers to tackle them with ease.

Parque da Floresta Golf

The designers have created a course that’s both a pleasure to play at the same time a treat to the visual senses. The course has tall trees lining the borders and players get to see the crystalline waters of the sea on the horizon.

The course has many classic holes, the par-4 opening hole sloping towards the east offers gorgeous view of the rising Sun early in the morning. The landscape is hilly which makes the fairway run up and down. This calls for accurate shots with skillful short game play. The ninth-hole (par-5) is the toughest on the course. A hilly landscape means many holes here have elevated green. This calls for high lofted shots with steep trajectory landing.

Boavista Golf Course

This is an 18-hole course near Lagos with many interesting holes, strategically placed bunkers and water hazards. The course is made up of two sets of holes; this adds variety and requires different strategies to dominate the course. The opening hole is a par-4 with fairways bordered by sub-tropical trees on either side, and running downhill. The seventh hole is the signature hole of the course. The landscape here is windy, with relatively lesser trees than other courses. Golfers need to be skilled enough to tackle breezy conditions; this entails reading the direction of the wind, hitting lighter accurate shots instead of stroking the ball hard, and commanding better control over the ball.

Pestana Alto Golf Course

This course is world famous for many reasons; one of which is being the last golf course designed by the legendary Sir Henry Cottons. It’s also home to the Sir Henry Challenge – the par-5, 600meters hole. Even at the first-hole, golfers face a huge challenge; the wind here is usually against the drive. The first par-5 is the third-hole with heavy bunkered green. The second par-5 is the fifth-hole with out-of-bounds on the left, so be careful with your second shot. Other holes are challenging as well, but the toughie being the sixteenth-hole – the Sir Henry Challenge, with a pond on the left.