How To Hit Good Shots With Wedge Clubs In The Wind

The golf course doesn’t change but the challenge it presents does if one day the wind is blowing down the course and the next day it is the complete opposite. It is important to know how to play on a windy day because some of the hazards on the course can come into play when on a calm day they present no problem. Many traditional course are nine holes out and nine in or at least the majority of a nine running one way. If you are playing with the wind behind going out you are under pressure. You are bound to feel you have to score well because of the challenge you will face turning back into the elements.

Your wedge is such an important club. Downwind it may be your second shot into the green if the wind takes your drive much further than normal. It will also be out for delicate chip shots. In all cases you must cater for the fact that the wind can carry a high ball much further than normal and play accordingly. Unless you can consistently put spin on the ball you need to choose a landing area short of where you want to finish.

The real problem is into the wind when it can be almost as though your ball hits a wall and drops straight down, well short of where you want to be.


  • Swing easily and try to maintain your rhythm.
  • Don’t think you need to try to hit the ball harder; that might just result in more backspin and even less distance.
  • Put the ball further back in your stance with your weight further forward. You should be able to keep the ball lower as a result.

The wind calls for really good course management. It may not be possible to reach a fairly short par 4 in two if you are playing into the wind. Accept that and recognise that you can still get a par if your wedge play is good for your third shot and you single putt. Otherwise take your punishment.

Modern golf balls are designed to combat wind but that also depends on the quality of the golfer. For anyone mid-handicap just remember to keep calm and don’t try to fight the wind; just regard it as an extra challenge and beat it.