Where to look for a Professional Player giving Golfing Lessons

Be careful while finding a golf instructor

It might sometimes become quite complicated to find a professional golfer to give you instructions for your game, just because genuine experts are rare to find. Just like your own fingerprint, the process of finding a golf instructor is unique for every place, person, and the level of golf you want to achieve. Before you head out to find a golf instructor, you need ask yourself a few questions, since you have to invest significant time and money for the next few months.

How to find a golf instructor

The best way to look for a golf instructor is to go to your local golf course and enquire about one. There might be several or no golf course in your area. In that case, you can make use of websites that provide golf instructors in all parts of your country. Another resort is to ask your friends or family for recommendations of golf instructors. If any of your friends have taken the services of a golfer, they might be able to tell you the price, location, competency, reputation, and the level of improvement they achieve under their guidance.

After you find the golf instructor

Before you finalize and pay for the services of a golfer, you must ask about the technology they use to give instructions. You can also ask for a demo lesson when the instructor is guiding someone else, or you may also ask for a demo to guide you.


You must meet the golfer for a couple of times to determine whether you get along well with him/ her or not. Moreover, you can communicate about your mutual goals, personality type, beliefs, and abilities of the instructor. Ask for the golfer’s preferred mode of communication and identify whether it suits you or not, whether the golfer will be available for you according to your needs. Does your golfer follow up with you, reply to your calls and messages, or whether they use outmoded mode of communication? These questions are an important part of your learning process and should be asked beforehand.

Experience and accreditation

Ask for the experience and accreditation of your golf instructor. Many golfers are self-decreed golf experts, who take up a crash course to teach golf to make money. Do not fall into the honey-dipped talks of any golfer, but a member of LPGA or PGA. These members have completed their intense programs and re-educate themselves on a regular basis.